While hotter-than-hot sauces will always appeal to adventurous patrons, the latest spice trend is more than simply a look at Scoville ratings (the measure of a pepper’s pungency). Driven by consumer curiosity and a desire for authentic ingredients, it has become apparent that the nuanced flavor profiles of chile peppers are just as important as the levels of heat they impart. Fruity, floral, smoky and even sweet notes bring balance to spicy condiments, egg dishes, beverages and globally inspired street foods. And because preference for spice varies across generations, it’s important to offer a range of spice levels—or the ability to customize dishes—in order to meet the needs of your patrons. Starting with a familiar base—like ketchup, mustard, aioli or ranch dressing—is a great way to incorporate global seasoning blends or puréed peppers into approachable new applications.

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The Quick Dish

Consumers who say they’re eating more spicy flavors now than they were last year:

Quick Dish Stats

Mintel, Flavor Innovation on the Menu – US, September 2019

By the Numbers

Spicy condiments on the rise
4-year growth of globally inspired sauces and seasonings

Datassential MenuTrends, “Spicy Flavors” U.S. menu penetration growth 2015-2019

Product Focus

  • Rosarita
  • Guldens
  • Hunt's
  • RO*TEL

Though dine-in service is temporarily on hold, consumers are still craving the flavors, comfort and familiarity of a restaurant experience. Family meals, kits and takeout orders can be enhanced with zesty condiments, spicy sauces and other bold ingredients from Conagra Foodservice that bring your signature offerings right into patrons’ homes. 

Spicy and bold, yet balanced, for a robust flavor profile that adds heat and excellent texture to applications across the menu.

Made from a premium blend of imported seeds and spices for a flavor that packs a little kick—guaranteed to add zest to every bite.

Thick, rich and full of flavor on its own— and you can spice it up with the addition of global hot sauces, peppers and more!

Ordinary dishes come alive with Southwestern flavor, thanks to a recipe that includes ripe California tomatoes, select green chilies and a unique blend of spices.


Products from Conagra Foodservice bring exciting spice to recipes across the board, whether you’re looking for more subtle flavor or want to go bold. These dishes travel well, making them great for delivery or carryout orders.  


Your patrons will love this Italian-Vietnamese fusion sandwich, loaded with mortadella, kimchi, cucumber, jalapeños, cilantro and a zesty carrot slaw featuring Gulden’s® Spicy Brown Mustard. Watch the video and learn how to build this tasty sandwich. Ideal offering for brown bag lunch specials—offer as a combo meal with one side and a beverage.

Ideal offering for brown bag lunch specials—offer as a combo meal with one side and a beverage.

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There’s nothing subtle about this showstopping beverage, garnished with waffle fries drizzled in Hunt’s® 100% Natural Ketchup, Hebrew National® Beef Franks topped with Gulden’s® Spicy Brown Mustard, a Slim Jim® Tabasco Spiced Giant Stick, an onion ring, crisp veggies and cheese whips. Watch the video to see how it comes together!

Bring the bar to your guests by offering a Loaded Mary kit, so that customers can assemble their cocktail at home. 

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Top naan flatbread-style, with savory curried vegetables simmered in RO*TEL® Original Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies and mozzarella cheese, then bake to golden-brown perfection. A side of zesty yogurt sauce made with RO*TEL® adds a unique layer of spice.

Package up in a small- or medium-sized pizza box for carryout and delivery orders.

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Chef Tips

Achieve zesty touches of flavor across the menu with the simple addition of Conagra Foodservice products. Here are some tips from our culinary team to get you started.

  • Enliven a classic favorite, swapping marinara sauce for Rosarita® Salsa Picante to create a flavorful topper for focaccia 
  • Spice up bound salads with the addition of Gulden’s® Spicy Brown Mustard, golden raisins and scallions for a flavorful curried chicken salad
  • Start with the perfect blank canvas: add harissa, sriracha or jalapeños to Hunt’s® 100% Natural Ketchup and easily create your own signature sauces
  • Elevate your soup offerings by blending RO*TEL® Original Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies into traditional tomato soup

Segment Focus: Independents

Independent operators have taken a tremendous hit over the course of the pandemic, but their resilience and creativity are shining through with unique solutions to keep business going during this difficult time. Here are some inspiring examples, all with a spicy twist!

Tecalitlan Restaurant (Chicago) is offering a DIY michelada kit, with house-made spicy michelada mix, kosher salt and limes— patrons can choose from 8 types of Mexican beer.

Banger’s (Austin) has converted their beer garden into a general store, selling everything from Texas-themed jalapeño-cheddar bratwurst, fresh produce, spice rubs and hot sauces to paper towels and charcoal briquettes.

Porkchop & Co. (Seattle) optimizes breakfast for carryout and delivery with creative burritos like The Raquel, stuffed with scrambled eggs, potato, chorizo, grilled onion, cheese, arugula and fermented habanero salsa.

Michelin-starred Contra (NYC) is temporarily ditching their tasting menu to offer elevated comfort dishes like lamb birria, a Northern Mexican-style spicy stew with chickpeas, red cabbage and white rice.