While many operators offered delivery and carryout prior to the start of the pandemic, dine-in was the bulk of restaurant business. Today, more tailored services such as curbside pickup and contactless delivery are necessities. According to DoorDash, the foods most frequently ordered for delivery in 2019 were burrito bowls, tacos, cheeseburgers and make-your-own pizzas.1

Have consumer preferences changed since states enacted stay-at-home orders? As it turns out, consumers are gravitating towards pizza, burgers, sandwiches, meat entrées and pasta/noodle dishes2—indicating that individual item preferences have not changed significantly. That being said, a growing number of consumers (35%) say that leading a healthy lifestyle is now more important to them than before.3

This research points to the current consumer need for a mix of comfort food, craveable items and healthful options that travel well. By taking steps to maintain the integrity of your ingredients and deliver a unique experience, you can optimize meals and snacks for off-premise consumption—even if you’re working with a streamlined menu.

Carrying Out Is In Video

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    When it comes to crafting a successful carryout and delivery menu, consider ways to keep hot ingredients hot, cold ingredients cold and crispy ingredients crispy. And be sure to offer add-ons and other revenue boosters that create a more complete meal experience. The Conagra Foodservice culinary team is here with some tips to get you started!


Serve safely. Portion out individual servings of ketchup into disposable containers using our Hunt’s® 3-gallon bag-in-box or 1.5-gallon dispenser pouch and sanitize the dispenser frequently. Download our “Safe Condiment Serving Guide” for even more tips!

Avoid soggy sandwiches. Include condiments like Hunt’s® 100% Natural Ketchup and Gulden’s® Spicy Brown Mustard as individually portioned ramekins or portion control packets so that customers can top their burgers and sandwiches as desired.

Bottles on the go. If you’re serving family meal deals, offer tabletop-sized bottles of Hunt’s® and Gulden’s® for an upcharge.


Pay attention to texture. Follow recommended prep instructions to give Gardein® Beefless Tips the ideal meat-like texture that holds well for takeout and delivery. Cook from frozen on a flattop griddle or sauté until internal temperature of 165ºF is reached; hold for up to 10 minutes at 165ºF before serving. 

Layers of flavor. Maximize eye appeal and perceived value by layering your featured protein at the top of grain and noodle bowls. Packaging all other toppings separately in disposable containers to maintain their texture.


Take, make and bake. A customizable “build-at-home” pizza bar provides a fun experiential element along with a delicious meal. Offer the option of an Udi’s® Gluten Free Pizza Crust and Gardein® Italian Pizza Crumble to accommodate customers with dietary restrictions. 

Stacking the packs. For maximum ease of assembly and cleanliness, use stackable packaging options for Angela Mia® Fully Prepared Pizza Sauce, cheese and other customizable pizza toppings.  


Think curated pairings. Offer specific flavors of individually packaged Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP® as pairings or side options with your operation’s signature sandwiches. For example, our Sea Salt Popcorn serves as a tasty complement to classic burgers and a fun alternative to fries. 

Incentivize a bundle. An assortment of single serve packs of our popular snack offerings—such as DAVID® Original Sunflower Seeds, Glutino® Gluten-Free Pretzel Twists and Duke’s® Chipotle BBQ Beef Brisket Strips—makes for a fun add-on option to any takeout or delivery order.

By the Numbers

Since shelter-in-place restrictions began...

By the Numbers

Datassential, “COVID-19 Report 22: Pain Points,” May 29, 2020.

The Quick Dish

Consumer interest in DIY delivery options

The Quick Dish

IFMA/Datassential, “What Now: Insights from The Firefly 500+, and Chains' Path Forward,” April 29, 2020.

Flavor On The Go

Even if customers aren’t able to dine in, they can still enjoy the experience of a restaurant-crafted meal at home. Consider these recipes featuring products from Conagra Foodservice as you create family meals, kits and a mix of both healthful and indulgent offerings.


Start with the Gardein® Ultimate Plant-Based Burger and layer up an assortment of toppings—including vegan cheese, butter lettuce, tomato and a “secret sauce” made from seasoned vegan mayo, Hunt’s® 100% Natural Ketchup, Gulden’s® Bold Yellow Mustard and Vlasic® Dill Relish—for a flavorful plant-based option. Individually wrapped Udi’s® Gluten Free Classic Hamburger Buns are ideal for this recipe.

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Colorful, packed with delicious ingredients and travel-friendly, this plant-based bowl features soy-caramelized vegetables on a bed of white rice, topped with sautéed Gardein® Beefless Tips and toasted sesame seeds. 

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Give your guests the pizzeria experience from the comfort of home. A kit containing an Udi’s® Gluten Free Pizza Crust, Angela Mia® Fully Prepared Pizza Sauce, a trio of cheeses, Italian sausage, classic veggie toppings and seasonings makes it easy and fun for your customers.

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The Conagra Foodservice portfolio can help you create carryout- and delivery-friendly options that meet the needs of customers while staying true to your brand. From popular consumer brands to powerhouse ingredients, our products streamline prep and add enliven meals and snacks across dayparts.

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Segment Focus: Regional Chains

Smaller regionally focused chain operators are finding creative ways to feed their community at this time, through unique meal kits, expanded delivery options and affordable solutions for those in need. Here are some of our favorite examples.

Chick N Max (Wichita, Kansas) The fast-casual chicken chain created a special Community Support menu with three affordable meal options, including BOGO fried chicken sandwiches, $20 for 30 signature smoked wings or $20 for a family meal of 12 tenders, 2 sides and bread. In addition, meals are donated on a weekly basis to Wichita residents in need.

Crisp & Green (Minneapolis) This fresh-focused salad and grain bowl chain created CRISP@HOME, an app-based boutique grocery, meal kit delivery and pickup experience for customers. Meal kits include a choice of greens, grains, proteins, cold toppings, warm sides and dressings. The grocery program offers more than 100 whole, prepped and cooked ingredients, along with pantry staples. 

Happy Camper/Paradise Park/Homeslice (Chicago) Tongue-in-cheek, fun meal kits include the “Basic Survival Kit” (hard seltzer, pizza, edible raw cookie dough, ranch dressing and a roll of toilet paper) and “Keep the Kids Busy & Wine” (a DIY pizza kit with a bottle of house Chardonnay or Cabernet). Their online ordering site also includes an option for customers to add a meal for a local healthcare worker for $11.