of millennials love trying new foods and beverages.

Datassential, “New Food Experiences for Millennials,” March 2022.

In a world saturated with choices of where to eat, unique and playful menu items have become powerful tools for differentiation. They allow you to turn ordinary meals into new, extraordinary experiences full of fun and whimsy.

Conagra Foodservice is here to help set your operation apart with a portfolio of convenient, easy-to-use products that allow you to captivate customers in new and exciting ways. All without taxing your kitchen or staff. Take a look at all the ways you can create, amaze and save!

Free Download: 5 ways to create a culinary playground

To help capture these culinary playground opportunities—along with patrons’ attention—we’ve put together an infographic featuring 5 easy ways to play with your food.

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Ready to have fun with food innovation and add some enticing whimsy to your menu? Our new “Buy Now” feature makes it easier than ever to get what you need when you need it with just a few simple clicks. See for yourself with a few of our favorite products designed to help you effortlessly create a culinary playground customers will love.

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