Creating Your Social Strategy

Building a fun, engaging presence on social media requires teams to be nimble—curating content that showcases their restaurant or operation in an authentic way. But even if you haven’t learned the latest TikTok dance or followed this week’s trending Twitter hashtags, you can still capture the attention of customers through the universal language of food!

Mouthwatering photography, daily specials and cooking demos can go a long way in terms of building customer loyalty and interest in your menu. Remember that engagement is critical for building your community—keep the conversation going! If people are taking the time to “like,” comment or share your content, ensure that a member of your team answers any questions and responds to feedback. These interactions matter and can turn occasional visitors into loyal customers.

Remember, there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to social media, so consider your patrons when planning your strategy. For example, teenagers are the heaviest Snapchat and TikTok users, while Boomers prefer Facebook and YouTube. It might even be worth surveying your customers to determine which social media sites they use—and where they want to engage with your business.

Let's Get Social

3 Tips to Boost Your Social Media Presence

  1. Optimize

    For multi-unit operators, create subpages for different locations under your main Facebook business profile. You’ll be able to reshare content, promote unit-specific menu specials and deliver location-targeted ads.

  2. Engage

    View Instagram insights under the “Most Active Times” tab to ensure you’re posting at the optimal time. Add a time-based content calendar to create an automated posting schedule and keep your followers engaged when they’re active on the app.

  3. Take Action

    Turn followers into customers by applying action buttons to stories and pictures of menu items, enabling customers to order food in real-time while staying engaged with your page.

By the Numbers

Take a look at some of the staggering stats around social media and how foodservice plays a major role.


of Internet Users use blogs and social media to make decisions about where to eat and what foods to try

Marie-Helene DiBenedetto, “Food Brands To Watch On Social Media: The 2021 Edit,” Moondust, March 19, 2021.

4.5 Bil

foodservice visits were influenced by social media in 2020, up 43% since 2016

The NPD Group/CREST, year ending December 2020.


of US diners said they’ve tried a restaurant for the first time because of a social media post made by the establishment itself

MGH, “Survey: Social Media Influences Nearly Half of U.S. Diners,” April 12, 2019.


of the US population uses some form of social media

Statista, “Percentage of U.S. population who currently use any social media from 2008 to 2021,” March 2021.

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Brand Focus

No matter how you’re looking to optimize menu items for social media standing, buzzworthy brands from Conagra Foodservice will set your dishes apart.

Chef Tips

Make the biggest impact on social media by being true to your brand, to your menu and to your customers. Here are some tips from the Conagra Foodservice team to ensure you’re on the right track!

  • Look Beyond the Plate.

    Your menu items are the star of the show, but be sure that your lighting and dining room décor provide a good backdrop for patrons’ food photography.

  • Don’t shy away from extremes.

    Take inspiration from dishes like our Ballpark Float, below. Consider large garnishes, dipping sauces and shareable portions that provide a playful element to the meal.

  • Focus on a fun twist.

    To boost the chances of a dish gaining traction on social media, consider items like burgers or sandwiches that can be easily modified with a unique element—like using Krusteaz® Flat Bottom Waffles instead of standard bread or buns.

  • Post, post, post!

    Your customers are scrolling through their social media feeds multiple times a day, and they’re doing research before they choose a restaurant to visit or order from. Stay top-of-mind with a mix of menu photography, promos or even glimpses back-of-house.

  • Keep your content up to date.

    Optimize your social media profiles or bios with accurate contact and location information, relevant hashtags, safety protocols and more. Be sure to share current carryout/delivery menus and provide clear instructions for online ordering.

Operator Spotlight

Social media is a Modern Operator’s marketing powerhouse. Take a look at how foodservice brands have been applying strategy and creativity to generate significant buzz across various social platforms.

  • Dunkin'

    Gen Z’s favorite video-centric platform, TikTok, helped Dunkin’ dominate sales with the help of 16-year-old influencer Charli D’Amelio. The partnership included a new beverage called The Charli, boosting cold brew sales by 20% on the first day and 45% on the next.

  • Popeyes

    With the 2019 release of their chicken sandwich came a Twitter war that won’t soon be forgotten. Competitor tweets, comments and viral hashtags “broke the internet,” and the race to create the next hot chicken sandwich continues.

  • Chipotle

    The highest-grossing fast casual operation of 2020 is no stranger to social media, perfecting the art of the TikTok challenge with such campaigns as #ChipotleLidFlip (321 million views), #GuacDance (1.1 billion views) and #Boorito (4.2 billion views) that offer free food to fans willing to share or create content for the hashtag.

  • Starbucks

    Cause-related social marketing can come off as disingenuous—but in the case of “Every Name’s a Story” from Starbucks UK, the campaign was aligned with the brand’s mission and identity. The hashtag #whatsyourname was used to unify the community in support of transgender and gender-diverse people, accompanied by a commercial with 6.7 million views on Twitter.

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