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Offering non-alcoholic beverages is a fantastic way for you to increase the inclusivity and appeal of your operation. The demand for these options is expanding and their sales are growing in foodservice,1 which means it’s a great time to explore how you can cater to more consumers while boosting traffic to your establishment.


Non-alcoholic beverages can also help garner higher profit margins compared to their traditional counterparts due to lower-cost ingredients that still deliver creativity and specialty appeal. And, because there are so many options, it’s easy to integrate them into any menu.


Your Conagra Foodservice team is here to help enhance customers’ satisfaction and increase profitability with on-trend, exciting zero-proof beverages.

Mocktail Menu Mentions Are Up 229% in the Last 4 Years
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By the numbers


of consumers say they’ve tried an adult beverage positioned as low- or no-ABV3


of consumers expect to pay the same price for a non-alcoholic beverage as a traditional cocktail4


of consumers are willing to try a new flavor if it’s in a beverage they like5

Espresso Cocktail

The quick dish

As you look to boost your zero-proof beverage offerings, consider the types of ingredients that are making a splash on traditional cocktail menus—they range from sweet to savory, with a ton of global inspiration. These flavors can serve as the jumping-off point for creative mocktails that align with the demands of today’s adventurous patrons.

Top-Growing Cocktail Flavors+296% chili-lime seasoning+225% peanut/peanut butter+33% Rose Syrup+27% saffron+32% salted caramel

Brand focus

We make it easier than ever to craft unique non-alcoholic beverages your customers will love featuring the Conagra Foodservice brands you know you can trust.

J Hungerford Smith Reddi wip Swiss Miss 
Reddi-wip Cocktail
Reddi wip drink

Chef tips

When it comes to the ever-growing non-alcoholic beverage market, it’s important to give customers what they want as well as pleasant surprises they don’t expect. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind as you explore all the menu possibilities provided by your Conagra Foodservice team.

INTERNATIONAL INSPIRATION. Take guests on a global flavor journey they won’t soon forget. For example, put a Filipino twist on the chocolate martini by infusing J. Hungerford Smith® Freeflo Chocolate Shake Base with ube syrup. Finish with Reddi-wip® Real Cream Whipped Topping and drizzles of ube syrup and J. Hungerford Smith® Fulflavor® Chocolate Fountain & Shake Syrup.

MOCKTAILS 2.0. Fermented ingredients, vinegars and savory flavors can deliver the excitement that today’s consumers crave from their mocktails. Level up your offering with an escabeche brine. Combine with lime and orange juices over ice and top with J. Hungerford Smith® Blueberry Topping for a take on the spicy margarita that delivers a vivid sensory experience.

FOREVER NOSTALGIA. Create a blast from the past by turning a customer-favorite childhood treat—the fudge pop—into a drink. Blend ice, milk and a packet of Swiss Miss® Classic Hot Chocolate with a little cinnamon and cayenne. Then, finish it off with a dollop of toasted J. Hungerford Smith® Marshmallow Concentrate Topping.

STAND OUT IN THE BEST WAY. Bring the “wow” factor to your menu with a photo-worthy firecracker milkshake using J. Hungerford Smith® Fiesta Strawberry Purée, Blueberry Topping and Vanilla Fountain & Shake Base. Top with Reddi-wip® Real Cream Whipped Topping, skewers of fresh fruit and festive sprinkles and serve tableside with two glowing sparklers.

ALL-DAY COFFEE. Consumers are always looking for that comforting flavor of coffee regardless of what time it is. Give them exactly what they want by whipping up a malted coffee milkshake using J. Hungerford Smith® Liquid Malt Fountain & Shake Syrup and finishing with a dollop of Reddi-wip® Real Cream Whipped Topping.

ALL OF THE FLAVOR. None of the alcohol.

Turn heads with your menu by featuring creative non-alcoholic beverages made easy using convenient Conagra Foodservice products.

Caramel Moscow Mule


Celebrate fall by combining apple cider, caramel fudge and cinnamon, pouring over ice in a Moscow mule mug and topping with ginger beer. Bring it all together with freshly cut apple slices covered in J. Hungerford Smith® Caramel Fudge and garnish with cinnamon sticks. View Recipe

Strawberry lemonade spritz


Freshen things up by combining J. Hungerford Smith® Sliced Strawberry Topping, lemon juice, fresh mint leaves and ice in a cocktail shaker. Pour into a pint glass and finish with soda water and a mint sprig for garnish. View Recipe

Espresso MartinitCocktail


Create some decadent sophistication by filling a cocktail shaker with ice, espresso, coffee simple syrup, heavy cream, milk and vanilla. Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass topped with Reddi-wip® Barista Series Sweet Foam. View Recipe

Swiss Miss Horchata


Add international flair to your menu by blending pasilla chile- and cinnamon-infused rice milk with coconut milk, cold water, sugar and Swiss Miss® Liquid Hot Chocolate Flavored Drink Base. Pour over ice in a martini glass and garnish with ground cinnamon. View Recipe

Operator spotlight

Whether you have an eclectic and extensive menu or you’re a bar that specializes in something specific like gin, you can curate an incredible non-alcoholic menu in a thoughtful way that stays true to your operation while serving the needs of a variety of customers. Here are a few of our favorite examples to help inspire you.

Pineapple Kick made with pineapple, orange juice and freshly cut jalapeño

UPSTAIRS, NEW YORK CITY  With an eclectic array of small plate offerings, Upstairs also offers a sumptuous list of specialty beverages like The Blossom: alcohol-free citrus spirits, blood orange and lemon flavors paired up with the citrusy scents of orange oil and mandarin pith and subtle hints of ginger and lemongrass.

SUMMER HOUSE SANTA MONICA, CHICAGO  Priding itself as the place where summer never ends, it’s only fitting that Summer House Santa Monica features a mocktail like the Pineapple Kick made with pineapple, orange juice and freshly cut jalapeño for that alcohol-like sensory response without the buzz.

GOAT & RABBIT, KANSAS CITY   You’ll find intricate craftsmanship and artistry in every one of the beverages poured at the Goat & Rabbit, along with some fun names. The Pulp Friction, for example, is made with passion fruit purée, guava-hibiscus nectar and orange and lime juices, topped with orange blossom foam and a bit of nutmeg.

GHOST NOTE COFFEE, SEATTLE  A mix of delicate flavors can be found in every signature drink from this award-winning coffee shop, serving as inspiration for a range of non-alcoholic beverages. The London Smog, for example, features pine-smoked black tea, chai-spiced honey and steamed oat milk.