Mini Meals Make a Big Impression

Busy consumers looking to satisfy their hunger at all hours of the day want portable, delicious options at reasonable price points. As dayparts continue to blur, the growth of snacking hits the perfect balance of convenience and craveability. Whether consumers want a healthy pick-me-up or an indulgent treat, high-quality snacks available at restaurants and grab-and-go outlets present a unique opportunity for menu differentiation across foodservice channels.

When purchasing snacks away from home, consumers most commonly turn to fast food outlets (Mintel, 2019), but coffee shops, retail grocers, c-stores, fast casual and full-service restaurants can all capitalize on the trend, too. The most common purchase drivers are convenience and value (Datassential, 2018/2019), so be sure to position your snack offerings in a way that meets these consumer needs.

Need some inspiration? Consider sharable plates or mini portions that encourage patrons to nibble between traditional mealtimes—anything from two-bite desserts to globally inspired slider sandwiches. Don’t forget better-for-you options like smoothies or portable “lunch box” style packs—think portable cheese boards, flavored hummus or protein bowls packed with healthy ingredients. Unique snack offerings can help boost incremental sales and encourage repeat visits!


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The Quick Dish

Most appealing snack foods

% of consumers saying they’d choose the following snack items:

A chart of snacks and their consumer preference by percentage

Datassential/IFMA, “Consumer Planning Program: Snack Attack,” 2018/2019.

Chef Tips

Whether it’s a housemade condiment, a signature dessert or an on-the-go energy boost, products from Conagra Foodservice help to bring excitement to your snack offerings with ease. Try these ideas from our culinary team!

  • Incorporate Angie’s® BOOMCHICKAPOP® Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn into cookies or use as a cupcake topper for a fun salty-sweet snack option
  • Create a Hawaiian-inspired appetizer by serving up Gardein™ Meatless Meatballs with pineapple, sliced jalapeño and barbecue sauce
  • Stack Gardein™ Meatless Meatballs with cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion on mini skewers to create crave-worthy carb-free cheeseburger bites
  • Top plant-based protein sliders with globally inspired ketchup blends, featuring Hunt’s® Best Ever All Natural Ketchup mixed with kimchi, turmeric, masala or harissa—the perfect midday mini meal

Product Focus

Boom Chicka Pop


Light, fluffy and delicious served on its own, with the versatility to bring salty-sweet flavor and appealing crunch to signature snack recipes.



Perfect for creating vegan-friendly dishes, our meatless meatballs are full of flavor and can be used across the menu.



Thick and rich, made with vine-ripened California-grown tomatoes for delicious flavor.

Signature Snacks

From wholesome to hearty, these recipes featuring products from Conagra Foodservice can help you differentiate your snack offerings.

Popcorn Energy Balls

Perfect for patrons looking for a nutritious snack on the go, this recipe delivers a pop of energy thanks to Angie’s® BOOMCHICKAPOP® Real Butter Popcorn, rolled oats, chia seeds, coconut oil and peanut butter.

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Bourbon Meatless Meatballs

A homemade whiskey-infused barbecue sauce made with vegan Worcestershire sauce, Hunt’s® Best Ever All Natural Ketchup, brown sugar and lemon is the ideal way to dress up Gardein™ Meatless Meatballs.

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Best Ever Korean BBQ Sauce

This flavorful sauce is made with Hunt’s® Best Ever All Natural Ketchup, La Choy® Soy Sauce, gochujang paste, rice wine vinegar, garlic and ginger; brush on chicken wings, use as a dipping sauce or serve alongside appetizers with an Asian twist.

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By the Numbers


of adults snack daily.

Mintel, “Snacking in Foodservice – US,” January 2019.


of consumers say they’re purchasing more snacks from restaurants now than they were a year ago

Mintel, “Snacking in Foodservice – US,” January 2019.


of consumers say that any food can be a snack if the portion size is small.

Datassential, “FoodBytes: Millennial SNAP! Keynote Sneak Peek,” February 2018.

Segment Focus: QSR

It’s no surprise that QSR chains do an excellent job of catering to consumer cravings. Beyond the usual snackable items like burgers and fries, here are some examples of unique menu items we’re seeing in the channels:

Subway: Raspberry Lemonade Cookie, with pink crystallized sugar and white confectionary chips

Burger King: Bacon Cheesy Tots, featuring melted cheese potato bites with smoky bacon bits, covered in a crunchy bread crumb coating

Quiznos: Chicken Carbonara Sammie, a mini flatbread stuffed with chicken, bacon, mozzarella, sautéed mushrooms and Parmesan Alfredo

Del Taco: Avocado Taco, a crunchy shell filled with seasoned plant-based crumbles, hand-sliced avocado, crisp lettuce and fresh diced tomatoes