In a world driven by social media, how good a dish looks is almost as important as how it tastes! Patrons eat with their eyes, so it’s no surprise that platforms like Instagram have truly changed the way consumers talk about food. Deconstructed dishes, tableside preparation, “rainbow” food and over-the-top indulgent items seem to take on a life of their own when photos are shared on social media. Insta-worthy menu items can definitely be a conversation starter, but ultimately, quality will keep those intrigued customers coming back to your operation.

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Product Focus

Product Focus

Eye-catching Recipes

Products from Conagra Foodservice add exceptional flavor and eye appeal to any recipe, perfect for creating menu items that appeal to the social media crowd. Try these ideas on your menu!

Crab Cake Tostada Tower Recipe

CHEF TIP: Create “extreme” menu items with ingredients that add height, such as Krusteaz® Flat Bottom Waffles as the carrier for loaded grilled cheese or BLT sandwiches.

Morning Riser Hoagie Recipe

CHEF TIP: Load it up DIY-style, promoting hot dog stations with Hebrew National® Beef Franks and tons of toppings or ice cream bars loaded with J. Hungerford Smith® fruit toppings and fudge, plus Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP® for added texture.

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Segment Focus: Fast Casual and QSR

Regional and national chains alike are taking a cue from independent operations, where unique décor and inventive culinary presentation draw the “influencer” crowd daily. Here are some examples of chains embracing the food photography trend on their own Instagram accounts:

BLACK TAP: 344k followers:
The New York-based luncheonette chain serves up eye-popping burgers and loaded milkshakes, along with photos of celebrities enjoying their indulgent meals

Magnolia Bakery: 631k followers:
Scratch-based treats, like cupcakes in every color of the pastel rainbow, fill the Instagram feed of this national bakery chain

Taco Bell: 1.3m followers:
The fast food giant curates an artful Instagram feed with tiled collages, sometimes using 12 posts at once to create a mural effect

Sweetgreen: 212k followers:
Local sourcing and health are the name of the game on this chain’s colorful account, with overhead shots of salads and grain bowls showing off fresh ingredients